Operation Take Two

Mobilizing youth to take sustainable action in their communities by creating innovative recycling hubs.


Using Precious Plastic’s innovative model, our workspaces allow young people to foster a cyclical model of consumption by recycling their community's plastic waste into new products. 


Our workspaces double as community hubs for creativity, learning, and engagement. Through collaborative doing, young people can learn about sustainability and community action.


​Interconnected issues need interconnected actions. We support young people to mobilize within their communities and connect them to a larger network of action.

Community Recycling Workspaces

Compact & Attainable Setup

You don't need much space to create a fully-functional workspace—just electricity and ventillation. Our first-ever workspace was created within a revamped 40-foot steel shipping container!

Simple & Innovative Process

Our recycling process is simple—sort, shred, create! Plastic must first be cleaned and sorted by type. Then it's shredded into small flakes that become the raw material for new items using various melting processes and moulds.

Self-Sustaining Cycle

Our process allows young people to get creative and make treasure out of trash. These creations can be sold to generate a profit—allowing workspaces and communities to sustain themselves.

Workspace in Action
Operation Take Two - Rutland

Kelowna, BC

Est. 2019 (our first-ever workspace!)

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Want to create a workspace in your community?

Operation Take Two seeks to provide hope, action and connection within every community it is found in. 

We're developing a process to help new communities start their own workspaces, with funds and resources provided by us. Sign up for our newsletter to hear updates on our launch!

Our Story

Operation Take Two was founded by high school students with the goal to take a holistic approach to climate action and environmentalism.


By creating a physical space, we created a path of direct action for young people to take within sustainability work.


Operation Take Two and its workspaces will always be the first step into sustainability for us, and a great beginning for many more young people.


Sankofa Sustainability Collective

Email: SankofaSustainability@gmail.com

BC Registered Society: S0074257

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May 2018

The team receives support & places sixth in the iGen Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge.