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Co-creating Intersectional Sustainability

Our mission, vision, & values.

Mobilize & take action.

Connecting the movement.

Sankofa Sustainability Collective is an organization striving to expand what it means to be sustainable. Centring young people and intersectionality, we seek to mobilize and build solidarity within the environmental movement.

Featured Programs

Operation Take Two 

Our plastic recycling workspaces create community hubs for youth learning and leadership.

Sustainability Blog

We aim to accessibly share knowledge about topics surrounding intersectional sustainability. 

Collective Network

We strive to bridge communities to share experiences, see new perspectives, and create collective knowledge. 

Our Pillars

We guard against elitism and focus on action that centres and is led by people of all identies.

We aim to promote understand and collaborations between


geographically and socailly.

We aim to collaboratively share knowledge and diverse perspectives in a two-way exchange.







Sankofa Sustainability Collective

Email: SankofaSustainability@gmail.com

BC Registered Society: S0074257

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