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Our collective is founded on principles of justice, equity, and community.

We take a holistic and intersectional approach to the environmental movement guided by the wisdom of sankofa. 


Sankofa is a symbol and word from the Akan people in what is now known as Ghana. It roughly means, “go back and get it.” It’s represented by a bird who flies forward with an egg—the future—in their mouth while looking back at where they have come from—the past.


It teaches us the importance of taking a holistic view, learning wisdom from history and always taking into consideration the impact on the future.


We use this philosophy to ground our work.


Through our programs, resources, and community, we strive to co-create a sustainable and liveable world for us all.



To co-create intersectional sustainability.

Sustainability means a liveable world for all of us. We strive to centre communities pushed to the margins to foster sustainability. Through accessible action, knowledge sharing, and community bridging, we work to leave no one behind.



Rethink land. Rethink economy.

Rethink action.

We cannot keep relying on the same systems that created our problems. We seek to shift how we view environmental action by centring Indigenous land sovereignty, encouraging new methods of production, and dismantling social inequities.



Anti-oppression. Pro-liberation.

We recognize our oppressions and liberation as interlinked. We strive to support the liberation of communities pushed to the margins and actively work against all oppressive systems. 


  • Anti: capitalism, racism, colonialism, patriarchy, ableism, sexism, and sanism.

  • Pro: Indigenous land sovereignty, decolonization, Black liberation, feminism, queer-trans liberation, disability justice, and activism led by other communities pushed to the margins.

Our Pillars of Action

We work to accomplish our mission in three ways:

We guard against elitism and focus on action that centres and is led by people of all identies.

We aim to promote understanding and collaborations between
geographically and socially.

We aim to collaboratively share knowledge and diverse perspectives in a two-way exchange.







Meet The Team

Keneisha is a light skin Black nonbinary person, wearing a black button up shirt with a gold collar chain. They have yellow hexagonal glasses with a gold glasses chain hanging down and short curly hair under a red and brown mushroom hat.

Keneisha Charles



Director of Operations

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Keneisha is a fat, Black, queer, nonbinary artist and organizer. As a poet, storyteller, musician, and activist, they strive to dream and co-create liberation through all they do. They currently live in Tkaronto and study Social Work with a double minor in Caribbean Studies & Disability Studies at Toronto Metropolitan University.

T is a white non-binary person, wearing a blue sweater and holding a plant with their eyes closed as they stand in sunlight.

T Schwab



Director of Education

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T Schwab is currently studying Psychology, Environmental Studies, and Gender Studies. They currently live on the unceded Coast Salish territories of the Lkwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples. Their passions lie in holistic care and sustainability.

Aaliyah is Black. She has pink hair, wears a pink hoodie and pink makeup. She is posed with a peace sign.

Aaliyah Charles



Director of Communications

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Aaliyah is an artist and activist passionate about gender equity and creative expression. She is an aspiring designer. She currently lives on the ancestral lands of the Anishinaabe, Mississaugas, and Haudenosaunee in what’s commonly known as Toronto.