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Interconnected issues need interconnected communities to grow solutions. 

We hope to serve as a bridging point.


We want to foster a collective to allow communities to connect with one another, share experiences, see new perspectives, and create collective knowledge. 

Trans Resources


Based in Vancouver, BC. Provides support, community, workshops and free counselling for queer, trans, and Two-Spirit lives.

Trans Care BC |

Provides information and resources to access gender-affirming healthcare and support BC-wide.

Trans Rights BC |

Provides human rights/legal information and resources for trans people in BC.

Foundry BC |

A network of health and wellness services for people ages 12 to 24 in BC. Access one of their 13 locations or connect virtually for free services and resources.

Transgender Map by Andrea James |

This website has information and resources on trans and gender identity. You can also find specific resources for every Canadian province or territory, the United States and other countries abroad.

The 519 |

A community hub located in Toronto, ON. Provides support and services to the 2SLGBTQ+ community and in particular, ID changes, trans youth mentorship and meal programs for trans people.

Rainbow Health Ontario (RHO) |

A program that provides healthcare providers with resources, workshops and training to better support the LGBT2SQ community in Ontario.

Trans Wellness Ontario |

Provides resources, peer groups (virtual and in-person), counseling as well as assistance with ID changes for trans people in Ontario.

Friends of Ruby |

Provides mental health services, social services and housing to 2SLGBQTIA+ youth ages 16 to 29 in Toronto, ON.

Egale |

They have education and information not just for 2SLGBTQI folks but also for allies. They also have some great resources and training workshops for educators.

Trans Lifeline |

A 24/7 hotline run by and for trans people. They also provide financial support through microgrants.

Canada (877) 330-6366

US (877) 565-8860

Coming Soon...

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